During your stay at Camp Eagle Ridge, you will be offered over 40 different activities to explore.

All of our activities are "Choice Activities," which means campers choose what they are most interested in on a daily basis. This encourages campers to try new activities that they perhaps wouldn't have considered before coming to camp.

Morning activities are chosen after breakfast and afternoon activities are chosen after lunch.

Leadership Workshops

climbing the wall at Camp Eagle RidgeAt Camp Eagle Ridge, we are very intentional about the way we teach leadership. The first activity of each day is a leadership workshop. The workshops focus on creativity, decision making, problem solving, leadership styles, character and more. The workshops are very hands-on and game and activity driven. Campers are busy doing...creating...building...exploring and experiencing.

Leadership workshops are interactive experiences that focus on the development of leadership skills such as responsibility, caring for others, group dynamics, community, character development and goal setting.
Beyond the leadership workshops, leadership is the focus throughout our activities. For example, canoeing is the perfect time to talk about partnership. We can stress the importance of communication during basketball. While skill development within the activity is important, we put emphasis on leadership development through our activities.

Club Time

Each week, campers are able to choose from 6-10 different clubs. Clubs allow campers to pursue an activity that they are especially interested in and continue to develop that skill everyday that week with the same instructor and same group of campers.

All Camp Activities

Every night, the entire camp comes together for an all-camp activity. This includes: Theme Nights, Capture The Flag, Choose Your Own Adventure Night, Overnight Tent Trips, Talent & Skit Shows and the Friday Night Dance.


"Because of camp I created lifelong friendships that otherwise wouldn't exist. My camp not only teaches leadership lessons, but life lessons. As kids, we go to camp with complete strangers and come home filled with love and priceless memories."

choice activities


The 4th of July is one of our favorite days at Camp Eagle Ridge!

In the morning, we take part in our town's celebration by participating in the Bellringer Walk/Run - a 2 mile walk/run to support the Mellen Library. Since we believe in healthy living and reading, this is a perfect fit! Campers and staff can either participate in the Bellringer Walk/Run or enjoy the morning with our staff at the local park where they can cheer on the runners/walkers. Afterward, there is a celebration outside the library and ribbons are awarded for 1st-3rd places in each age category.

We then go back to camp for brunch and enjoy a lazy afternoon of swimming, volleyball and games. Since the 4th of July is on a Friday night this year, we will finish off the evening with an outdoor dance and campfire. There's likely to be a few fireworks over the lake as well!

Campers that are enjoying the 4th of July with us can enter the Bellringer Walk/Run by filling out the Bellringer Entry Form and mailing it to Kelly by May 31st with your entry fee in a check made to: Mellen Friends of the Library.

Please mail your entry to our winter office at: Camp Eagle Ridge, 811 Black Squirrel Ct., Hubertus, WI 53033. That way, all of the camp entries can be mailed to the library together and we can enter as a team.

Bellringer Run