Alumni Engagements

ronny dolgin

Congratulations to alumni staff member, Ronny Dolgin, and his lovely fiance, Maya Oyarbide-Sanchez, on their engagement on December 19th, 2015!

Where: Sprague Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, CO

How: "Trying to throw her off, I took her on a “winter wildlife safari” that morning in RMNP with a tour guide that I hired (and we saw a bighorn sheep!). She had no idea, but I coordinated with the tour guide to end the tour at Sprague Lake. Once we got there, we walked to a pier that I planned to pop the question and the tour guide encouraged us to “take a couple minutes” to enjoy the scenery. I had hired a photographer who was already near the pier and looked like a regular amateur photography just taking pictures of the lake and mountains. As we planned, she tapped Maya on the shoulder and asked if we wouldn’t mind posing for some pictures, since she liked to have people in her nature shots. Maya said of course and, after a couple pictures, I dropped to a knee! I’m pretty sure we both blacked out, since neither of us remembers exactly what I said, but I definitely know she said yes!"ronny and maya

Ronny and Maya are aiming for a May 2017 wedding and are really hoping to do it in Estes Park.

The couple met in their Master’s program at Northwestern in 2011. They’ve been dating almost three years to the day they got engaged. They hit it off about halfway through their program and she took a chance and moved out to Denver with him. They credit exploring Colorado together, especially Rocky Mountain National Parks, to how much their friendship and relationship has evolved and grown. It’s the biggest reason Ronny wanted to propose in Estes Park and why they want to having the wedding there… it’s been a huge part of their story!

Ronny is currently in the third year of his doctoral program in Counseling Psychology at the University of Denver. Maya has been working as a bilingual child trauma therapist at Denver Children’s Advocacy Center since 2013.