Camp Eagle Ridge - 2017 Dates and Fees Register Now

One Week Session $795.00

July 23 - 29, 2017

Two Week Sessions $1590.00

June 25 - July 8, 2017

July 9 - 22, 2017

July 30 - August 12, 2017

Three Week Session $2385.00

July 9 - July 29, 2017

July 23 - August 12, 2017

Four Week Session $3180.00

June 25 - July 22, 2017

Five Week Sessions $3975.00

June 25 - July 29, 2017

July 9 - August 12, 2017

Seven Week Session $5565.00

June 25-August 12, 2017

Sibling Discountssiblings at camp

We are offering a sibling discount this year of 6% off the second child, 15% off the third child and 20% off the 4th child!

Discounts are automatically added in our online registration process.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

Cancellations received by May 15, 2017 will receive all tuition and motorcoach fees, minus the $95.00 per week deposit in a refund check.

Cancellations received by May 31, 2017 will receive 50% of tuition and no motorcoach fees, minus the $95.00 per week deposit in a refund check.

Cancellations received after May 31, 2017 forfeit all tuition, deposits and motorcoach fees.

In the event of an illness or death in the immediate family, every attempt will be made to change the camper’s session dates to accommodate the needs of the family. If that is not possible, a gift certificate for the full amount of the tuition paid for child’s session will be issued for the following summer.

Scholarship Opportunities

We highly recommend approaching your local Rotary Club, as we have had families have a great deal of success with that.

Also, Friends of Camp Eagle Ridge generally has scholarship opportunities in the Fall and in the Spring. Find out more here! *Current applications being accepted until April 17, 2017.


Who's registered for 2017?
(as of 06/05/2017)


Antonia M.
Fabian M.


Yoko H.


Leif E.


Marissa B.
John B.


Patrick L.


Anna F.


Charles A.
Preston A.
Maggie B.
Nick B.
Ruby B.
Mia C.
Louie D.
Kayla D.
Max D.
David E.
Gregory E.
Miriam E.
Colin F.
Lilly F.
Ruby F.
Ally G.
Jessie G.
Maddie G.
Hayden G.
Ally G.
Caroline H.
Charles H.
Anaya J.
Aria J.
Rio K.
Jeffrey K.
Sara K.
Lucia K.
Nicky L.
Sam L.
Elizabeth L.
Anton L.
Dennis L.
Erika L.
Krish M.
Rhea M.
Aidan M.
Jonathan M.
Michelle M.
Eamon O.
Patrick O.
Taro O.
Andy P.
Bridget P.
Sophie P.
Anatasia P.
Logan P.
Cameron P.
Ben R.
Kyra S.
Lilly S.
Shala S.
Lauren S.
Maddie S.
Allan S.
Mark S.
Galen S.
Ronan S.
Lida T.
Vitaly T.
Katie T.
Victoria U.
David V.
Mark V.
Sofia Louise W.


Kellie K.
Lydia K.
Sam K.
Tim M.
Ian S.
Ally S.
Liam T.


Lucas B.
Ariana C.
Jalin E.
Emma H.
Jonah L.
Eli S.
Zoe S.
Elliot S.


Atticus P.


Ana Paula A.
Amanda A.
Breanne A.
Blaise B.
Adam B.
Catie B.
John B.
Jordan B.
Esmae B.
Ben C.
Nicky C.
Adrianna C.
Alex C.
Ben C.
Addie C.
Brianna C.
Claire C.
Emily C.
Lia D.
Kendra D.
Sydnie D.
Mallory D.
Macario D.
Aidan D.
Emerson D.
Norah D.
Addie D.
Alexandra E.
Lauryn F.
Will F.
Halley G.
Chloe G.
Colton G.
Blake G.
John G.
Charlotte H.
Chloe H.
Ruby H.
Gretta H.
Alyssa H.
Isabella H.
Noah H.
Henry K.
Jack K.
Casey L.
Corey L.
Daniel L.
Abby L.
Cara M.
Collin M.
Kenzie M.
Tom M.
Tyler M.
Hatton P.
Ian P.
Lola P.
Camryn P.
Elle P.
Sadie P.
Hannah P.
Gwen P.
Ethan R.
Katie R.
Brook R.
Carina R.
Kade R.
Kareena R.
Matt R.
Payton R.
Caroline R.
Madeline R.
Andrew S.
Joe S.
Bella S.
Sophie S.
William S.
Griffin S.
Sawyer S.
Reagan S.
Sydney T.
Ella T.
Noah T.
Jude W.
Sophia W.
Erik W.