What do parents say about Camp Eagle Ridge?

"I want to thank you and your staff for my son's WONDERFUL, growthful, experience at camp. He was the child I knew awhile ago but I feared was disappearing before my eyes. He was open, sweet, thoughtful and delighted about life again. He met adults he admires and he drew deeply from the leadership times; he learned to negotiate through difficult situations and to accept everyone without complaining or acting self centered."

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for providing my son with such a wonderful experience. He was so excited to share his experiences with us that he talked non-stop for two days! He enjoyed every minute at Camp Eagle Ridge that he would like to go up next year for two weeks! He also mentioned that his younger sisters (and possibly older brother) would like it there too!"

"Thank you for leading by example. I cannot say enough how much respect my daughter has for everyone on staff."

"Your staff are FANTASTIC! Kelly, you have a gifted insight for hiring the most positively influential staff members. My son comes home and talks about college and his future and choices because the male staff members he learns from are living the experiences and sharing them with him.

What do kids say about Camp Eagle Ridge?

"Camp Eagle Ridge brings out the best in people. At camp, you’re given a clean slate. If you’re new, you can be a completely different person at camp. If you’ve gone to camp before, nothing is set in stone. You can try new activities or meet new friends. I’m not being witty when I say that no one at camp judges. It sounds impossible, but everyone is equal. Everyone is family. Everyone is loved. Camp is extremely different from the “real” world, and I personally think that’s one of the main reasons it’s so amazing."

"Because of camp, I created life long friendships that otherwise wouldn’t exist. My camp not only teaches leadership lessons, but life lessons. As kids, we go to camp and stay with complete strangers and expect nothing, but come home filled with love and priceless memories."

"This camp allows you to be who you really are and all the counselors care about you. At the same time, they want you to try new things and encourage you while you're at it. This camp is AMAZING! I love it here."

Alumni Testimonials

emily mcdowell"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you have taught me and for all of the opportunities you have given me over the past seven years. I cannot fully articulate the impact that CER has had on me as a person. Camp has been a haven that has allowed me to discover myself and to realize my potential—and, even better, I was able to help others kids grow in the same ways as a CIT and JC. Each day, even after seven years, I learned something new from just watching or talking with the staff and campers. I have truly found a second family—an eternal “home away from home”—that I will never forget."
-Emily M., age 19, alumni camper

Erin Nagy"Camp taught me more about myself than any other place or person in my life. I arrived at CER, not knowing a soul, and within hours was embraced by campers and counselors that I still maintain friendships with over 10 years later. Camp had no baggage; it was Erin being Erin at a time in my life for which, I realize now, that was incredibly important: I was myself, and people liked me for it... what a concept!

I live in the city now, and one of the things I miss most about rural America is the endless display of stars on a clear night. CER had the most incredible sky; the most undisturbed, peaceful sky that I can remember. My second year at camp, my counselor woke us up in the wee hours of the morning to go sit on the dock and watch the sunrise -- something I will never forget. There's really no 'top 10' reasons to go to CER -- that prohibits the idea that there is no reason not to go to CER; it is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made, and was a significant factor in shaping the proud, independent woman that I am today."
-Erin N., alumni camper

michael reddin"I, of course, loved my days at CER and will never forget them, but I just had to send you this note to say that I have begun appreciating my time at camp in a whole new way. Your efforts to break down barriers between kids and establish a wonderful atmosphere of love and equality are beautifully designed and executed, and it is my sincere belief that if every child experienced such an environment, the world would be a much more incredible and loving place. What you have created at Camp Eagle Ridge is a fantastic place for children to reduce their prejudices and, not only that, but to LEARN to reduce other prejudices once they have moved on in their lives. You have touched the lives of thousands of people... not just the kids at camp, but also those who are treated more kindly and with more respect by kids who have learned these things at CER.
-Michael R., age 20, alumni camper