Customize Your Experience

At Camp Eagle Ridge, you’ll practice leadership skills, develop independence, develop individual passions and interests, try new things, become more confident, stay physically active, make friends and memories.

You choose your activities on a daily basis. You’re in charge of your camp experience. We offer over 40 different activities!

We serve children ages 7 – 17 and offer sessions ranging from 2-7 weeks in length. Our campers come from all over the United States and all over the world. We have truly amazing kids that attend our camp.

Our Mission

At Camp Eagle Ridge, we help young people develop leadership skills, healthy living skills, and a sense of community responsibility.

Our kids become successful social navigators, kind people and successful adults.

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Why choose Camp Eagle Ridge?

At Camp Eagle Ridge, you get the best of both worlds – a traditional summer camp full of love, laughter and amazing activities AND a rich environment full of opportunities to practice leadership skills.

We are very intentional about how we how help young people develop their leadership skills. We develop over 30 leadership activities every year that focus on leadership skills such as: creativity, building trust, problem solving, conflict resolution, having difficult conversations, gratitude, diversity, listening, public speaking, and so much more! Kids are given opportunities to take leadership of a team, plan and execute problem solving and ways to overcome obstacles. Our kids don’t talk about leadership, they practice it.

Our Dedication

We are an American Camp Association accredited camp. This means that we meet or exceed over 300 separate standards regarding staffing, facilities, health care, program, transportation and aquatics. We have been accredited for over 20 years.

We boast one of the highest staff retention rates in the nation. Many of our staff members have been a part of Camp Eagle Ridge for 10 years or longer. Most of our staff comes from our Counselor-In-Training and Junior Counselor programs, which means they have been training for two years to become a member of our staff.

We offer transportation!

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“Camp has brought out the best in me, taught me life skills, and introduced me to my best friends.
It is a wonderful place to learn, unplug, grow, and most of all HAVE FUN!”
“I feel at home and loved at Camp Eagle Ridge. I feel wanted and heard and I feel like I matter. I love being at camp because I know I can be myself and be loved for who I am.”
“Each year, I learn more about being more confident, thinking outside the box, and being a better friend.”
“Camp Eagle Ridge is the best thing that has happened to me, it’s my home away from home.”
“Thank you for creating a camp where I feel that I can be myself without being judged. I feel loved and safe every day and I have so much fun every day. Words can’t describe how much I love camp.”
“CER is the best gift we’ve ever given our daughter. She’s grown into a more confident person who relishes her time at CER but more importantly, she brings these life lessons she has learned back home to her life here. She’s a better person, a better friend and a happier daughter.”
Amy Halbrook