Camp Directors

Kelly & Erik Rossebo

Kelly Rossebo has been directing Camp Eagle Ridge for the past 30 years! Kelly holds degrees in Organizational Communications and Child Development and has also taught middle and high school English, speech and communication. Kelly is a lifeguard, certified sailing instructor and certified archery instructor.

As part of the American Camp Association, Kelly has taught the Basic Camp Director Course for the A.C.A. and has sat on the Board of the American Camp Association – Wisconsin Section and served as the Public Relations chair. Kelly has also served as the spokesperson for the American Camp Association in Wisconsin. Kelly has appeared on Oprah, Steve Harvey and the Today Show! Kelly has also authored a book, “Lessons In Leadership” and several magazine articles on summer camp and summer camp staff and leadership training.

Erik Rossebo serves as our Site and Facilities Director. Erik is constantly looking for ways to improve our program and our site. Erik is a certified lifeguard and certified food service manager. He also teaches rock climbing, pickleball, fishing, and facilitates our river trips.

In 2018, Erik and Kelly built our new Dining Hall/Lodge! The new 5,000 square foot building has an amazing view overlooking the lake, a 50 foot deck, and cathedral ceilings in the dining room. In 2021/22, Erik & Kelly built a new cabin that houses our youngest girls during camp and is available for rental during the non-camp season! They also did a major upgrade to our shower house.

Erik and Kelly are the proud parents of four children between the ages of 23-31.

Our Staff

Kenzie McKowen

Kenzie McKowen is ecstatic to be returning for her 17th summer at camp. Kenzie attended Camp Eagle Ridge as a camper, Counselor in Training, and a Junior Counselor. This is Kenzie’s 6th year on staff. She’s excited to continue working with the CITs and JCs!

She is originally from New Berlin, Wisconsin, and graduated from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania with  degrees in Psychology and Spanish. Kenzie now teaches middle school Spanish in Maryland.

At camp, Kenzie loves to do anything and everything on the water, her personal goal for this summer is to spend as much time as she can on Lake Galilee! She also loves teaching outdoor living skills and yoga. Her favorite nights are Talent and Skit nights, but nothing tops cooking over the fire on the overnight tent trips! She looks forward to making many more friends (and, of course, friendship bracelets) this summer!

Nick Baar is delighted to be returning for 2024 as our Assistant Director and Junior Counselor Director!

This will be Nick’s 15th summer at camp and 6th on staff. Nick is from Hinsdale, Illinois, and went to college at American University in Washington D.C. where he studied political science and psychology. He now works in DC Area schools as a Math Fellow, helping public school students understand math concepts in a smaller classroom setting.

During college, Nick was President of his college’s club ultimate frisbee team (a sport he first learned at camp!) and a member of the school’s ambassadors program which works to help students transition into college life from high school.

At camp, Nick’s favorite activities include sailing, canoeing, ultimate frisbee and biking. He can’t wait for another great summer of meeting and getting to know all the amazing people!

Cayley McKowen

Cayley McKowen is so happy to be returning to our 2024 staff as our Health Manager!

This will be Cayley’s 6th summer on staff and 13th year at camp. Cayley is from New Berlin, Wisconsin and earned her BSN from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Cayley has worked as a Registered Nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Milwaukee and as a School Nurse in Milwaukee and Scottsdale, AZ.

Cayley loves playing sports and being active and some of her favorite camp memories include the Staff vs. Campers basketball games. Cayley also loves crafting of all sorts; however, as our former Waterfront Director, her favorite place to be is on our lake!

Cayley says she is “looking forward to making new friends, and, of course, seeing old ones, and can’t wait for summer to get here!”

Owen Jenkinson

Owen Jenkinson joins our staff from sunny England! He is joining us for his 2nd year on staff at Camp Eagle Ridge and is an avid soccer player. He loves teaching others how to play and ensuring everyone gets to play, no matter their experience.

Owen is currently finishing his A-levels at Runshaw College in the hopes of studying Math at the University of Bath after the summer. Experience teaching math at an elementary school has prepared Owen in making learning fun, and including everyone!

Owen enjoys travelling but is petrified of flying; wish him luck for his trip over! He has travelled around Europe, but has never ventured to the States before. He is most looking forward to getting immersed in the camp experience and meeting all the new campers and staff.

Zoe Adelstein

Zoe is so excited to return to camp in 2024 for her first year on staff! Zoe is from Chicago, IL, and is currently in the process of applying to colleges, where she will be studying chemical engineering and psychology.

Zoe is a member of her school’s National Honors Society, the varsity tennis team, and a volunteer tutoring group for elementary school students. She is also a part of her school’s Freshman Mentors program, which assists incoming freshmen with the transition to high school.

Outside of school, Zoe works with Erika’s Lighthouse, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness for teen depression, where she teaches other teens how to be mental health advocates. She also enjoys traveling and playing sports with friends.

At camp, Zoe’s favorite activities are tennis, archery, paddleboarding, and rock climbing. Her favorite nights are definitely Capture the Flag and the overnight tent trips! She can’t wait for another amazing summer of meeting new people and making memories!

David Volodarsky

David Volodarsky is greatly looking forward to being a counselor again in the 2022 summer. This will be David’s eighth year at camp and second year on staff. Originally from Chicago, David is studying Political Science at the University of Illinois.

During high school, David was a member of his school’s debate program, Latin Honor Society, Model UN and Finance Club, in addition to tutoring a first grader in math and English as a part time job.

In his spare time, David enjoys reading, cooking gourmet meals and conversing with interesting people. At camp, his favorite activities include kayaking, improv and the Copper Falls hiking trip. David is most drawn to the community aspect of camp, and the fact that anybody can be themselves there.

Spencer Axness

Spencer Axness is excited to be returning to camp for his fourth year at camp and first year on staff! Spencer was a Counselor in Training and a Junior Counselor at camp and is from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Spencer played ultimate frisbee for his high school club team and played cello in his high school orchestra. Throughout his time in high school, Spencer helped mentor 5th grade orchestra students.

Spencer loves to play cards, listen to music, watch his favorite Wisconsin sports teams, and read books in his free time. He also loves to study and talk about history, which he hopes to teach one day.

At Camp, Spencer loves to do anything and everything active! Some favorites include basketball, ultimate frisbee, hiking, and dancing. He can’t wait to get back to camp to play Capture the Flag and say hi to many people, both old and new!

Maddie Kopp returns to Camp Eagle Ridge for her 9th year and her first year on staff. Maddie says “coming to camp is the highlight of her summer!”

At University Lake School in Hartland, WI, Maddie is active in event planning for SAFE (Student Alliance for Equity) and looks ahead to studying for a career in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. Maddie loves the outdoors, technical theater, and playing on her school’s field hockey team. She enjoys literature, poetry and taking the time to enjoy the sunsets. At camp, her favorite activities include disc golf, ultimate frisbee, making friendship bracelets, and any time she can spend time in the gazebo. She looks forward to cabin night, the overnight, and the overnight burritos!

Ollie Hayes is absolutely thrilled to return to Camp Eagle Ridge for his second summer on staff! He is originally from a small town in Warwickshire, England and is currently in his second year studying Psychology at the University of Sheffield.

Ollie loves both hiking and camping, as he’s done so with his family all throughout the UK and Europe. He also loves all kinds of games and watching movies in his free time.

Ollie’s favourite camp activities include archery, disc golf, rock climbing, as well as the Copper Falls hiking trip. His favourite nights are anything on a Wednesday! This means quest night, minute to win it, and the overnight tent trip, as he gets to cook over the campfire. He cannot wait until next summer!

Norah Doyle

Norah is thrilled to join our staff for the 2024 summer! This will be Norah’s eleventh summer at camp and first summer on staff. Norah is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where she is studying Biomedical Science in hopes of pursuing dentistry or pharmacology.

In high school, Norah was a cheerleader for her varsity cheer team, where they won 2nd place at the national championship. She was also a member of Model UN and Student Council.

Norah’s favorite camp activities include sailing, kayaking, swimming and paddle boarding. She obviously loves being on the water! When she’s not on the lake, Norah enjoys movie nights at camp, as well as playing gaga ball.

Norah cannot wait to meet you and is excited to start the summer!

Raúl Pacheco says he “couldn´t be happier to join Camp Eagle Ridge this summer and is ready to travel from Monterrey, México all the way to Wisconsin to have a great time with all the camp team and campers!”

This is Raul’s first year on staff and he is very enthusiastic to learn and have a lot of fun! Raúl is in college at Tecnológico de Monterrey and is studying his fourth semester as a Chemical Engineer.

He is captain of three soccer teams, two at college and another one in a separate tournament, where his team has won three trophies and looking forward to do the same at college. Sports have been part of Raul´s life and he really thinks they have been very important in the person he is now so he hopes that at camp he can share that passion with all the campers so they learn and enjoy as he always do and meet all the fantastic people that make this camp possible!

We are delighted to introduce Allara Zardo to our Counseling Staff, joining us all the way from Australia for her inaugural year at camp!

Currently immersed in her internationally recognized Australian studies in Community Services and Youth Work, Allara brings a wealth of expertise garnered from her diverse experiences, particularly in working with children navigating significant challenges.
Her unwavering commitment to fostering children’s development, enhancing their self-esteem, and nurturing their interpersonal skills underscores her dedication to making a lasting impact.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Allara finds joy in an array of recreational activities, including arts, dancing, and engaging in lake adventures, highlighting her love for the great outdoors. As she embarks on her journey as a camp instructor.

Andrés Marcos joins our staff from Monterrey, México! He has traveled to Wisconsin before and is very excited to visit the state again. Go Brewers!

Andrés is studying Civil Engineering at Tecnológico de Monterrey and is looking forward to spending a semester abroad next year. He loved playing with Legos and creating things as a kid, so that might be what inspired him to be an engineer.

During the evenings, Andrés works as a soccer Coach at a local academy and really enjoys watching people learn and get better. Andrés loves playing and watching sports, and also learning sports that are not played in Mexico, like lacrosse and field hockey. Sports are part of his daily life so he is very excited to continue that routine in camp! Andrés also enjoys being in the woods and living outside the city.

Evie McDonagh is incredibly excited to be a part of the Camp Eagle Ridge staff! Evie is from London, England and has never been to the United States before. Evie is planning to study Law at University in the Fall.

Evie loves cooking and baking with family and friends. Evie will be baking many of our deserts at camp!

Evie has been a keen swimmer for as long as she can remember and has competed on many occasions for her local club. She is super excited to get out on the lake and engage in lots of fun activities. One of Evie’s biggest passions is Formula 1 racing and she loves to cheer on Ferrari on the weekends.

Evie says “she can’t wait to meet everyone and make lots of new friends!”

Carlos AC Bacelis returns to our 2024 Counseling Staff from Mexico! Carlos says he “had a dream summer in 2022”, and decided to come back and enjoy everything Camp Eagle Ridge has to offer!
His main passions have been traveling to different parts of the world, also practicing any type of sport, something he can do very easily at camp!
Carlos’ favorite activities are rock climbing, soccer, capture the flag and trips!
He says “I can’t wait to go back and see old friends again, but I’m also very excited to make many more!”

Bella Cooper is so happy to be joining Camp Eagle Ridge for the first time this year! She is from Kent, England (on the outskirts of London) and is in her first year studying Law at Cardiff University.
Bella is a big soccer fan and loves to play with her uni team, as well as watching games with family. She mostly supports the women’s team and often goes to matches with friends to support Arsenal Women and the Lionesses. She also loves swimming, surfing and anything on water.  She is really looking forward to getting involved with all things on the lake!
Bella is super excited to meet everyone and make new friends this summer!

Pad Hardman is very excited to spend his first summer as a counselor at Camp Eagle Ridge. Pad is from near Milton Keynes, England and is in his second year studying classics at the University of Edinburgh and is looking to do a law conversion after university.

Pad was the head boy of his school and played for the first football (soccer) and rugby teams, which both enjoyed unbeaten seasons in his last year at school. Besides this, Pad enjoys various water-sports and has captained two football teams at university.

Pad is excited about getting involved in all aspects of camp life, especially the team sports and getting out on the water. He can’t wait to meet everyone and share a memorable summer!

Emma Steele is from Edinburgh, Scotland!  Emma just finished her first year, studying medicine at Aberdeen University.

Emma loves to be outdoors, playing sports and exploring. Emma is a skilled rower, having won both the British and Scottish championships. Emma contiues to compete at University. Emma also plays field hockey and tennis and loves to swim! In her spare time, Emma likes to hang out with friends, while experiencing new things.

Emma says “I think working with kids is amazing. You’re able to explore the world through a fresh set of eyes and learn new things. I’m so excited for this summer and to see what it will entail!”

Tyler Dahlstrom

Tyler is elated to join the 2024 kitchen staff this summer! After spending the last 6 summers as a camper, Tyler is excited to give back to his home away from home.

During his time as a camper, Tyler’s favorite activities were hiking, sailing, and playing capture the flag. Outside of camp, Tyler was a state marching band champion, marched in the Macy’s Day Parade, won a spelling bee, loves to run cross country, run track, ski, wrestle, and work on his jiu jitsu skills.

Working at camp is a dream come true for Tyler because it allows him to experience camp from a whole new perspective. He can’t wait to meet all the hungry campers!

At Camp Eagle Ridge, we take pride in selecting and training an amazing staff! Many of our staff have been a part of Camp Eagle Ridge for 10 years or longer! We believe that it is the staff that works with your child that matter most.