When This Storm Passes, Camp Eagle Ridge Will Be Ready

Every single one of us, every person in our community is going through an experience none of us wished for. COVID-19 continues to affect our world, impacting our kids, families, our businesses, and our daily way of life.

So, we wanted to check-in. We sincerely hope you and your loved ones are healthy, hopeful, and hanging in there, as best you can. If there is something we can do to help you, please let us know.

Each new day brings new information. As the situation evolves, we are paying attention, preparing, and staying positive. Yesterday, Governor Evers of Wisconsin continued our Safer At Home order for Wisconsin through May 26th. We remain hopeful the current crisis passes sooner than anticipated, and we look forward to the day restrictions are lifted.

The Good News: May 26th works great for us to be able to make decisions about camp this summer in advance of our May 31st deadline.

This is what we know:

  • We know things are going to be different this year.
  • We know that kids are going to need Camp, more than ever.
  • We need a place like Camp Eagle Ridge…

Because we will need to unplug. To get away from our screens. To get outside. To go for a hike. To breathe fresh forest air. To sing together. To roast a marshmallow over a campfire. To gaze at the full moon on a clear night. To catch a fish. To laugh with our friends. To dip a canoe paddle in the water and glide across the lake.
To Reset. Recharge. Refresh. Renew. Ourselves. Our spirits. Our relationships.

We know you are going to need us to be at the top of our game. When this storm passes, Camp Eagle Ridge will be ready.

What about Summer Camp?

We believe this could be one of the best summers in our history.

And when the dust settles, getting outside at Summer Camp could be one of the healthiest places on the planet for a child. In fact, we believe that camp will be a safer and healthier choice than staying at home.

Here are the reasons why:

  • Projections suggest that many, if not most, businesses will be operating again by mid-June. This means that parents will be going in and out of the house again, encountering many other people again and potentially bringing home new germs again. It is likely that restaurants will be open again and families will once again go out in public.
  • It is likely that children will be allowed to socialize with at least a few friends. Those friends will have families that interact with others and so on and so forth. As you can see, the potential contact circles that children will encounter are considerably larger in normal day to day activities at home than they would be in an overnight summer camp.
  • We will pre-screen campers prior to bus departure and upon arrival for temperatures, illness, and contact with COVID-19 positive persons. If rapid testing were to become available, that too would potentially be a part of pre-screening.
  • Essentially, the children at the camp would be sheltering in place – “safer at camp”.
  • The difference between the current “safer at home” status of most children and “safer at camp” is that campers will be spending their days interacting with peers, enjoying physical activities, and spending time in nature.
  • Being able to return to their summer camp, their “home away from home”, will give thousands of children a sense of normalcy and will improve their physical, emotional and mental health.
  • Camp Professionals are experts in child development. Together with the American Camp Association and the CDC, we have been preparing best practices and protocols to ensure that our children have the best opportunities to remain safe and healthy.

Therefore, we are planning for camp this summer. Because the situation continues to evolve and new information comes to light daily, we do not plan to make any decisions regarding adjusting the summer camp schedule until May 26.

How will you make the decision?

We’re using this model for guidance:

  • If COVID-19 is in decline, we will proceed with camp as planned.
  • If we are close, but need a bit more time, we will postpone the start of camp to either June 28 or July 12.
  • If government restrictions require us to close, we will allow everyone to use their non-refundable deposit for 2020 toward 2021.

So What Do I Do Now?

Hang in there. Stay safe. Fill out your camp Health Form and Camper Questionnaire so that your child is ready for camp.

Continue to follow our social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram for information and good cheer. Nothing changes between now and the end of May. Our staff is talking daily and preparing for this summer.

Have hope.