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Reasons to Choose Camp Eagle Ridge

See what some of our parents have said about why Camp Eagle Ridge has been such a great experience for their children.

  • For my daughter, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I saw the difference…but more importantly she recognized the difference, the experience, leadership and life lessons that CER provided. As she wrote essays for college entry, she wrote about two life changing experiences – one of them was the summers she spent at CER.
  • Why send your child across the country to CER? It’s in a part of the country that offers spectacular beauty at a camp that is highly accredited, staffed by former campers who love CER so much they come back to be counselors, and provides leadership skills that will be useful all their life! Memories can be made anywhere but only the truly spectacular remain with a young person! Those are the kind that are made at CER!
  • My kids came home raving about the COMMUNITY at Camp Eagle Ridge. It was like their family away from home. That is hard to do, but you guys have done it….
  • They instill a sense in each child that no matter how unique or mainstream, intra-or-extroverted, silly or serious they are, they are perfect, as they are.
  • Kelly has something very unique going on here–this is a camp that makes my kids better people and a good antidote to the clicky craziness of the suburban schools.