Top Reasons to Choose Camp Eagle Ridge

(what campers have to say)

  • Camp Magic – It’s real. It’s truly a place filled with laughter and love. You can feel the happiness the moment you step into camp.

  • No one laughs at you when you suck at new stuff. Seriously. No one laughed at me when I missed the target a million times in archery.
  • You don’t have to set up this barrier around you; at camp, you can let your guard down, and be YOU. That’s the best feeling in the world.
  • People urge you to try new things and that’s why I got my eagle! I would have never thought I would have been able to try sailing. And getting my eagle when I was 9 years old is my biggest accomplishment! Getting my eagle period is my biggest accomplishment!
“It’s a home away from home where you feel loved and cared for the second you arrive.”
“Awesome counselors and super tasty food!”
“Each year, I learn the importance of being a leader – skills that I will have my whole life. Thank you!”